4 weather apps for farmers that’ll blow you away

If there’s any job where success heavily relies on accurate weather forecasting, it’s definitely being a farmer.

Farmers survive by their ability to predict weather elements like rain, moisture, hail, heat, storms, and more. Their crops, livestock, and livelihood all rely on whatever the sky brings them on a daily basis. That’s why reliable weather apps are so important. Today’s farmers have access to history’s best forecast technology simply by touching an icon on their phones, allowing them to irrigate smarter, prep for storms, and anticipate crop durability.

There’s currently an overwhelming amount of weather apps for you to pick from on your smartphone, but we’ve weeded through the app store and boiled it down to just four we think you’ll find handy:

1. MyRadar

One of the best and most downloaded weather apps, MyRadar is free and gives a farmer pretty much everything you’d want in a weather app. It displays live weather radar for your position anywhere on the planet, with radar look lengths for up to two hours, allowing you to see what weather is headed your way. You can also set up alerts for upcoming weather events, offering details on the weather’s intensity and duration. That includes data like jetstreams, pressure systems, seismic activity, hail, and wildfires. if you could only pick one, this is likely your best pick.

2. NOAA Weather Radar Live

An all-in-one weather tracker that’ll show you details like a 24-hour and 7-day forecast, as well as readings for high and low temperatures, precipitation chances, hail, humidity, pressure, wind speed, and dew point. It’s highly accurate and has a large amount of extra features for anyone interested in the more scientific side of meteorology. It’s also free and has strong reviews.

3. Windy

Windy is a customizable weather app that offers a beautiful visual representation of wind and weather patterns, perfect for tracking storms, rain, hail, hurricanes, and – as its name suggests – wind speed and direction. It’s very popular with pilots, boaters, fishing crews, paragliders, skydivers, and even military/rescue personnel.

Bonus App: Carrot Weather

This is a weather app that’s, well, fun. Sure, Carrot offers you your basic weather tracking tech (it uses weather data from respected sources like Dark Sky, AccuWeather, adn ClimaCell), but it also allows you to configure the app with different personalities, some of which are very funny. It won the “Apple’s Editors’ Choice” award, has extremely positive reviews, and best of all, it’s free.

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