5 Ways We Build Trust With Farmers

5 Ways We Build Trust With Farmers

Trust is a deeply important part of our business. Every sales agent in every industry knows this. But building trust is a little different with farmers. They will not give you the time of day until they trust you. It could take a year, two years, maybe even five years. Many agents won’t keep at it year after year–we will. Building trust is a must.

Here are the 5 ways we build trust with farmers:

1. Know your products. Know them inside and out. You can fake confidence; you can’t fake knowledge. And don’t just know your products as an industry insider, but know how to explain them to a customer who is coming to you with their livelihood and is scared they’re going to be swindled. Know how to describe your product in their language and figure out ways to show how it’ll benefit their farm.

2. Respond promptly.Time is money, so don’t waste your farmer’s time. If you miss a call or an email, get back to them right away, especially if your farmer has questions. The quicker you get back to them, the more they’ll learn you care about their questions. If you consistently offer instant feedback, you’ll build trust.

3. Branch out. You build trust by letting farmers know about programs that are beneficial to them, even if it’s not a program you offer. It’s the old philosophy from “Miracle on 34th Street” (one of my favorite Christmas movies), but it still rings true . . . and it works. Do what’s best for your clients by finding them deals and discounts offered by other organizations.

4. Visit in person.Go out and see them face to face. It lets them know you care about them, not just the money they make. Some farmers have insurance agents they only know by mail or phone. You can grow comfortable in a relationship like that, but you’re not building trust. Typically, I try to visit my farmers at least once a year. Even though I live in Michigan, I have a farmer in Pennsylvania I see about three times a year. There’s no excuse to never visit your clients.

5. Never say “there’s nothing I can do.”Get that phrase out of your head. As an experienced sales agent, I’ve been trained my whole life to never say the sentence “there’s nothing I can do.” I’ve gotten so many new farmers who’ve left agents that told them that phrase. Yes, there may come a time when you can’t deliver the precise expectation your farmer is demanding, but that still doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do. You can give that farmer options for what they can do next time, or you can help them figure out a new plan, or you can call the insurance company and let them listen to the call. You can’t always do everything, but you should never say you’ll do nothing.

At the end of the day, it’s always about the farmer. Like any business, if you’re in business just to make money, you won’t be in business for long, nor should you be. If you’re trying to sell to make a client’s life better, you’ll be successful, and the farmers of our country will be better off.

How Crop Hail Insurance Saved an Ohio Apple Farmer from Ruin

How Crop Hail Insurance Saved an Ohio Apple Farmer from Ruin

I hear it all the time: “Why bother spending money on crop hail insurance I might never need to use?”

Let me answer that question with a little real-life story, a parable about why crop hail insurance matters.

About five years ago, I met a new client, a nice young guy who was just starting out as a farmer. He had a beautiful apple orchard in Ohio. Over the years, we kept bumping into each other at trade shows, until one year he finally asked me to help him with insurance. He’d never had farming insurance ever, not once in his life, you see, and his county didn’t qualify for multi-peril insurance. So, I signed him up and got him crop hail insurance to keep his apples safe just in case disaster ever hit.

And then it did.

Only a few months after he signed, that nice young farmer was smashed by the mother of all hail storms. The storm wiped him out, completely destroying his orchard. It was a 100 % loss. To a new farmer, a total loss can be career-ending. Thankfully, he’d been responsible and gotten hail insurance. His crop hail insurance bill was only $800. His savings ended up being $30,000. Not only was he able to survive that year, but the crop hail insurance enabled him to keep enough money to pay for all the fertilizer, chemicals, and labor he needed to farm again the next year.

Crop hail insurance literally saved that young farmer’s livelihood.

The storms will come. All experienced farmers know this. It’s not a question of “if.” It’s a question of “when.” And the farmers who survive are the ones who prepare.

<p”>So, prepare by insuring your crops and your farm, because you never know what year your storm will come. Crop hail insurance covers a lot more than just hail and can be a great option particularly in counties where multi-peril insurance is not available.</p”>

Contact us today to hear more real-life stories like this one and work with one of our independent agents to determine the best insurance plan for your business.

A Crop Insurance Agent’s 6 Favorite Quotes About Farmers and Money

A Crop Insurance Agent’s 6 Favorite Quotes About Farmers and Money

As a crop insurance agent, I’ve come to understand much about farmers and their relationship with money.

We all have favorite quotes, little sayings and nuggets of wisdom that are easy to write down and easier to remember. The following quotes are my 6 favorite quotes when it comes to farming and money. I don’t remember where I first read or heard these quotes, sometime during my many years as a crop insurance agent, but I stand by all of them as solid pieces of advice to think on and live by. Enjoy!

Farming is like going to a casino every day.

There’s casinos near a lot of my farmers. Gambling comes easy to many farmers because farming itself is like gambling. There’s odds, bets, risks, and the house always wins. You don’t always know what the weather or soil will do. You’re gambling everyday of your life. That’s why insurance is so important.

I never heard of anyone losing their farm paying for crop insurance.

Sadly, I’ve heard of people losing their farms because they didn’t have crop insurance. But over the years, I still hear many farmers say “I can’t afford the insurance.” Well, if you can’t afford insurance, then you can’t affordnot to have insurance. It makes sense that if you plant even just 100 acres and something goes wrong, you’re potentially looking at a $100,000 loss. Can you afford a $100,000 loss?

Insurance is like a parachute. If you don’t have it the first time, chances are you won’t be needing it again.

This quote is pretty self-explanatory. That’s why I like it so much. I’ve never gone skydiving, but if I did, you can bet I’d be jumping with a parachute–and someone who knows what they’re doing. Unforeseen disasters have ruined farmers for life. Don’t jump without a parachute!

The number one reason farmers purchase crop insurance is to sleep better at night.

Farmers work hard. Their bodies need (and deserve) at least 8 solid hours of sleep every night. And knowing that your home, livelihood, and family are protected is one of the best kinds of sleeping pills there is. Those Restless nights of lying away wondering how you’ll make ends meet go away when you know the worst-case scenario can’t hurt you.

A bad day in the field is better than a good day in the office.

Farmers are a different breed. There’s something about the personalities of those who work on a farm that just live for the outdoors. They’d rather be out in the fresh air and sunlight fixing a tractor or planting corn than be cooped up in a cubicle all day. You can’t beat working in nature. And few will ever know that joy like a farmer.

It isn’t the farm that makes the farmer. It’s the love, hard work, and character.

I love farmers. They work hard and they love what they do. There’s a nature in them that says, “If I want more, I’ll work more. It won’t be given to me.” It’s a noble profession, and I believe everyone should work on a farm once in their life. If you want to build character, build a farm.

4 Weather Apps For Farmers That’ll Blow You Away

4 Weather Apps For Farmers That’ll Blow You Away

4 weather apps for farmers that’ll blow you away

If there’s any job where success heavily relies on accurate weather forecasting, it’s definitely being a farmer.

Farmers survive by their ability to predict weather elements like rain, moisture, hail, heat, storms, and more. Their crops, livestock, and livelihood all rely on whatever the sky brings them on a daily basis. That’s why reliable weather apps are so important. Today’s farmers have access to history’s best forecast technology simply by touching an icon on their phones, allowing them to irrigate smarter, prep for storms, and anticipate crop durability.

There’s currently an overwhelming amount of weather apps for you to pick from on your smartphone, but we’ve weeded through the app store and boiled it down to just four we think you’ll find handy:

1. MyRadar

One of the best and most downloaded weather apps, MyRadar is free and gives a farmer pretty much everything you’d want in a weather app. It displays live weather radar for your position anywhere on the planet, with radar look lengths for up to two hours, allowing you to see what weather is headed your way. You can also set up alerts for upcoming weather events, offering details on the weather’s intensity and duration. That includes data like jetstreams, pressure systems, seismic activity, hail, and wildfires. if you could only pick one, this is likely your best pick.

2. NOAA Weather Radar Live

An all-in-one weather tracker that’ll show you details like a 24-hour and 7-day forecast, as well as readings for high and low temperatures, precipitation chances, hail, humidity, pressure, wind speed, and dew point. It’s highly accurate and has a large amount of extra features for anyone interested in the more scientific side of meteorology. It’s also free and has strong reviews.

3. Windy

Windy is a customizable weather app that offers a beautiful visual representation of wind and weather patterns, perfect for tracking storms, rain, hail, hurricanes, and – as its name suggests – wind speed and direction. It’s very popular with pilots, boaters, fishing crews, paragliders, skydivers, and even military/rescue personnel.

Bonus App: Carrot Weather

This is a weather app that’s, well, fun. Sure, Carrot offers you your basic weather tracking tech (it uses weather data from respected sources like Dark Sky, AccuWeather, adn ClimaCell), but it also allows you to configure the app with different personalities, some of which are very funny. It won the “Apple’s Editors’ Choice” award, has extremely positive reviews, and best of all, it’s free.

Weather apps help farmers prepare, but insurance is the only way to truly be ready for whatever conditions Mother Nature throws your way. As experts on hail insurance and specific types of insurance for farmers and ranchers, we help you understand and choose the insurance products that will allow you to sleep better at night.

Top 3 Reasons Why Farmers Need Crop Insurance

Top 3 Reasons Why Farmers Need Crop Insurance

My name is Scott Colville and I’m the best ally a farmer could possibly have: a crop insurance agent.

Sometimes new farmers struggle to understand why they need to spend the money on crop insurance. Here’s why: because crop insurance could save everything you have. Just imagine spending your whole life farming only to have it all wiped out in one bad year. Sadly, that’s been a reality for many farmers who didn’t insure their crops. Crop insurance saves you from that reality. That’s why you need it.

Now, here are 3 good reasons why you’ll want to get crop insurance from us:

1. We’re independent crop insurance agents.

I don’t answer to a corporation. I answer to you. As an independent insurance agent, I have the freedom to shop around and put you with the company that has the best adjusters, meaning you get more options for insurance customized for you. We pick up or lose business if adjusters do a bad job, so we always pick the firms with the best adjusters. That means I only make my money by saving yours. That dynamic keeps our relationship fair and accountable. It’s a win-win for both of us.

2. We’re customer-focused.

A couple of years ago I drove out to see a new customer who told me he’d had three insurance agents in 10 years and not once had any of them even visited him. That’s the problem with bigger agencies, which usually have continual rotations based on promotion, not on results. Our idea of a promotion is earning more customers, and we earn more customers by the quality of our care. We offer long office hours, making ourselves available from 6:30 a.m. – 10 p.m., Monday – Saturday. This means we take care of your needs personally and a lot quicker than a corporation that may never even meet you face-to-face.

3. We’re experts in crop insurance.

Because we’ve been family-owned since 1967, we’ve honed the craft of staying up-to-date in the world of farming and specifically crop insurance. It used to say on my dad’s business card: “Crop insurance is our only business.” That niche focus allows us to analyze your situation with the wisdom that only comes from time-tested experience. We’ll sit down with you, ask you what the needs are in your farming situation, and help customize a plan for you as an individual. And if you’re a new farmer, our experience means we can sometimes spot dangers you won’t even know to look for yet. And that’s OK. That’s what you pay us for.

Not convinced?

Check out our 6 favorite quotes about crop insurance for some more good-humored reasons to sign up. Or contact us today to learn how we can help you choose the crop insurance policies that will most benefit your business. If you’re looking for more resources, take a look at the USDA’s Crop and Livestock section on their website.