I hear it all the time: “Why bother spending money on crop hail insurance I might never need to use?”

Let me answer that question with a little real-life story, a parable about why crop hail insurance matters.
About five years ago, I met a new client, a nice young guy who was just starting out as a farmer. He had a beautiful apple orchard in Ohio. Over the years, we kept bumping into each other at trade shows, until one year he finally asked me to help him with insurance. He’d never had farming insurance ever, not once in his life, you see, and his county didn’t qualify for multi-peril insurance. So, I signed him up and got him crop hail insurance to keep his apples safe just in case disaster ever hit.

And then it did.

Only a few months after he signed, that nice young farmer was smashed by the mother of all hail storms. The storm wiped him out, completely destroying his orchard. It was a 100% loss. To a new farmer, a total loss can be career-ending. Thankfully, he’d been responsible and gotten hail insurance. His crop hail insurance bill was only $800. His savings ended up being $30,000. Not only was he able to survive that year, but the crop hail insurance enabled him to keep enough money to pay for all the fertilizer, chemicals, and labor he needed to farm again the next year.

Crop hail insurance literally saved that young farmer’s livelihood.

The storms will come. All experienced farmers know this. It’s not a question of “if.” It’s a question of “when.” And the farmers who survive are the ones who prepare.

So, prepare by insuring your crops and your farm, because you never know what year your storm will come. Crop hail insurance covers a lot more than just hail and can be a great option particularly in counties where multi-peril insurance is not available.

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